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The chorus of angles heralded the coming of the iPhone to Verizon networks

The chorus of angles heralded the coming of the iPhone to Verizon networks, but why was this a big deal? This statement is of course a jab at those that seem to want to call the iPhone the “messiah phone”, but is there much significance to this move? Let me give my perspective.

Last week we saw article after article pronouncing Androids invasion of the iPhone market. On January 6, 2011 ComScore released the latest figures for “‘Top Smartphone Platforms’”. ComScore reported that Google Android now had a bigger market share than the iPhone in the US market. It was reported that Android held 26% and iPhone 25% respectively of market share. Android was exploding. Finally Google was handing it to Apple ……. well maybe let’s take a closer look:

Apple iPhone

Google Android

Release: January 2007

Release: October 2008

1 carrier

4 carriers

1 manufacture

12+ manufactures

1 device

30+ device


You look at these numbers and start to wonder, why was Android not running over the iPhone long ago? Which brings me back to my original question, why is the release of the Verizon iPhone such a big deal?

I remember as a kid, my mother would tell me that I was only allowed to have one piece of candy. She would reach into the bag and hand me that one piece, all the while I’d pause and think to my self how I would make it last. I’d break off a piece and make that one little piece last as long as I could. As I ate that one piece I’d find myself wanting to dig into the other half. Patiently and strategically I’d finish my first half and dig straight into the rest. In this case Apple’s candy is market share. They had an exclusive contract with AT&T that left the Verizon world itching to own what everyone at AT&T bragged about. Finally when the numbers started to flat line Apple saw the perfect moment to pull its ace, by allowing other carriers to sell the iPhone. What better way to savor that candy then to hold out until the current market (AT&T) was saturated, then offer it to the next world leader in communications. Android took this long to catch up with the iPhone on one carrier imagine the struggle it will have now that it is on two. I for one look at this and tip my hat to Apple, well played gents.

Application developers looking to move out of iOS and into Android. Hold your horses. Its gonna remain a two horse show for quite some time!

Author: Andy Garcia

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