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8 Platforms in Need of Application Development

Are we at the tip of a new paradigm shift in computing? I’ll have to use that as a blog title sometime. But one does wonder. Its not just all the hype about mobile, though that is certainly part of it. I was watching a very interesting presentation on the Web last night by Christian Cantrell of Adobe. In the presentation (see the link below) he talks about the new (and old) platforms. But most importantly, suggests a solution to building one app which fits all. His 8 platform list is as follows:

  1. Desktop – MAC/Windows/Linux
  2. Browsers – standard/mobile/tablet
  3. Android – phone/tablet
  4. IOS – phone/ipod/ipad
  5. Blackberry
  6. WebOS
  7. Windows phone 7
  8. Tv – Apple/Google

I am not convinced that we will be building the same app to fit all – and Christian was not suggesting that. He just posed a solution to that potential problem. I think it is more likely certain apps will be more appropriate for certain devices. So what works best on an IPhone versus IPad. If i want a quick snapshot of the weather, the phone wins hands down. But if i want to look at web cams, see radar imagery etc its got to be an IPad. It will all shake out with time. Christians (gaming) app ran on the TV. And he mentioned the use of the handset to control the game. Yikes. I’m still not sure where TV will fit into this big picture. Not surfing the web in the traditional way I know that. More likely gaming and more sophisticated interactive multimedia.

So I think we are mistaken in thinking that we are about to reproduce the desktop on all devices. The Web and applications will be experiences unique to the specific device. Either way, the developments are very exciting. There are some busy times ahead for application developers that seems sure.

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